Style Entry | How to show off your favourite bra (and not be shy about it)


It's officially June! Exciting! Summer's around the corner, and summer pieces can be found on every corner! 

Today I'm going to introduce you to my favourite bra! (But Dina, we've only met...) Shh, don't worry! I won't be taking any clothes off. In fact, what I'm doing over here is embracing that 90s grunge look (or anti-look because we're grunge!), and I chic it up with some hottest items of the season. It the end you get a nice combo of edgy chic. 


While thinking about what items in my closet should I give up for recycling, I came across this mesh top. I've had it for a couple of years, and actually, it hasn't been worn a lot. I almost put it on the 'recycle pile' when it hit me- it would totally look cool with my fave bra! I mean, everyone is embracing that 90s style recently, and what screams 90s more than the mesh top and the lace bra peaking out. 


The days of obsession over padded or even push up bras are long gone for me. Today, I always look for the elegance and comfort before anything else. That's why the latest bra purchases of mine have always been lacy (or cotton) triangle bras. I just love them! The beauty I'm wearing in today's outfit is from Missguided. It's made of delicate luxe lace that will make you look and feel amazing, but also provides good support with the thick elastic band.


I paired them up with the trousers from Zara that I have previous showed you and wrote about in another Style Entry (click to read about it). Another addition to the outfit is the pink leather backpack. I'm a huge fan of backpacks, always have been, and this one is the one I knew I had to have. The backpack, besides being small, cute and pink, also features the grungy side of it- metal wolf details and metal chains.


Cherry on top... or cap on a head (it's all about the perspective) is the cap on a head (sorry for this bad joke). I was looking for something that will match my backpack. As a solution I decided to go with this pink suede imitation cap - very similar in color and texture. Even though I wore it with chunky heels ,the outfit can totally work with a pair of sneakers: think platform flats or so called flatforms/creepers. Cool, right?!


So show of that favourite bra of yours, get on the wild side, because you know what they say: A little confidence never hurt nobody! 



Stay confident, wild and chic,

Dina xo