Style Entry | Floaty Spring


Lectures done? - Check!

Essays finished? - Check!

Spring clean of the closet? - Check!

Spring update of the closet? - Check!

Spring-like weather? - Wah Wah Wah Wahh [the sound of a sad trombone]

Yep, in the last month we've been cursed with the constant 13°C greyness in London. So me being me, not made of a think British skin, had to jump back into sweaters and winter coats. And to be perfectly honest, even this outfit was shot in the beginning of April when London was a bit nicer to us. But enough of my ranting, let's jump straight to the outfit report!



Zara has been working hard to provide to all of us fashion lovers really nice, floaty shirt pieces this season. From simple designs, to combining-variety-of-trends-in-one garments; there is plenty of choice for everyone. However, there is this one special piece that caught my eye straight away- this combination of romance and nonchalance, beautiful wide shape with even wider bell sleeves, astonishing cutwork details, and as cherry on top, the long straps that will float around you wherever you go! 


This piece works as a statement and is quite simple to combine. Wear it with jeans and heels for casual and trendy look,  shorts and vibrant sandals for an afternoon stroll on the coast of Mediterranean or, for the more edgy look, combine it with one of my personal favourites of the season- fishnet tights.

I paired them up with a classic and simple denim mini skirt, which keeps coming back as an essential every spring and summer in the recent years. So have a go, get one of those floaty beauties, be playful, enjoy the spring and, as the result, the floaty mood boost is guaranteed!


Stay floaty and chic,

Dina xo