Caribbean Without a Passport? - Travel Diary

Have you ever been in a situation where you lost your passport and you are planning a trip at the same time? Days off are booked, hopes are high yet your options are limited. Lucky for me, as European national I had a whole variety of destinations available based on my national ID. Greece or Spain sounded beautiful but as someone attached to beach holidays and as a wimp for cold water, as we are taking about mid-April in Europe, the idea of enjoying sunny beaches and not having a dip in the sea seemed heartbreaking. That is when Tim, the boyfriend of mine, pulled his magical thinking hat out and carefully selected Caribbean.

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Flagler Beach, Florida

What do you think of first when someone mentions Florida?

- Retirement homes? Of course! There’s plenty of them, most looking pretty swanky, if I may add.

- Alligators? So did I. Still haven’t had a pleasure of meeting one. We did, however, pass an alligator farm on our drive to St. Augustine, but that’s a story for another post.

- Dangerous sharks eating people in the ocean? Not sure if this is what people normally think of, but according to my mother, the know-it-all of world’s every catastrophe (and with the back up of National Geographic, local researchers and many public statistics) Florida happens to be a home of the shark attack capital of the world. While we did stay just 30 km away from this fatal place, New Smyrna Beach, I haven’t witnessed any shark attacks in the area.

Have you, however, thought about large colourful butterflies? As big as your hand?! Because Florida enjoys a whole army of those! What about armadillos or opossums? Yes, they do peacefully coexist one the same piece of land, of the same suburban neighbourhood. Together with lizards and Bambis. And by Bambis I mean beautiful, elegant deer. A whole bunch of deer families, actually. With loads of tiny, cute baby fawns cheerfully hopping in your back yard. Sounds too idealistic? Well, folks, what can I tell you. Add some funky tunes by the variety of birds to this image, add the quick wit of very skinny squirrels, add a “Howdy” from a friendly neighbour, and you got yourself a real Florida experience.

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Dina Al Salih
30 Days of NYE Outfits- Day 9

Today we go back to a red dress, or as they described it on the website- Merlot colour. This time it’s quite a different style than the one from Day 7. Instead of being a body hugger, this one is anything but a body hugging piece. Oh, and it’s actually not a dress but a proper dressy play suit! It has a very flowy quality which is a definite winner when it comes to moving around the space and owning that dance floor. 

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