30 Days of NYE Outfits - Day 1

December has officially started! Being the official start of winter, December wouldn’t really get my fancies if it wasn’t for the all things Christmasy AND one of my absolute favourite nights of the year - The New Year’s Eve! I’ve always loved the NYE for some reason, there’s this feel of celebrating life, another year that has passed and all the positivity of starting the whole new year ahead! There’s almost this catharsic element of it - a tabula rasa state of mind! But without getting too much into my philosophical meditations about NYE, let’s get back to the reason we are here - NYE outfits. Whenever the end of the year was approaching, my mind automatically switched the focus on what to wear for the craziest night of the year. Lots of sparkles, glitter, embellishments were always on my list, as well as red because the oldest saying says to wear red for the successful love life in the year ahead! 



This year is somehow different- this year I have started blogging! So instead of settling for one NYE outfit, I decided to rock 30 of them! 30 outfits as a countdown to the final one that gets to be with me on the actual night. 30 outfits to inspire you and help you in finding the right one for you. From embellishments, sparkles, glitter all the way to unavoidable red - all 30 of them will have a festive feel, be very budget friendly and can be one of those that will tell your story of the NYE celebration! So bring it on December!! 



The first one is this very feminen stary dress. Star details never seem to get boring, and being silver and sparkly has a very festive feel to it! Somehow simple, but with beautiful delicate details, this dress is a real catch as it is priced only £30! 


 What I wore:

Dress - H&M