30 Days of NYE Outfits - Day 4

Today's dress was an interesting case. When I first saw it online, it seemed like a simple dress that will look just decently nice. I went for it because it's always good to have a simple dress as one of the options. Once I opened the package and took the dress out of the bag I felt a bit disappointed. I questioned myself "why did I even go for this?". It just seemed so overly simple and blank. Just one of those light pink dresses that will get lost in the crowd of similar ones. But I mean, it's already here, so I might as well give it a try. 


Trying it on didn't make a huge difference, it still didn't get me far from that meh feeling. It was only when I started thinking about possibilities to add on to this outfit that I went from meh to loving the dress! Styling the dress with the statement earrings was such a game changer for me! It made all the difference! All of the sudden I started feeling classy and somehow powerful in the outfit. The hoops of the earring really complimented one of the main features of the dress - the bardot aka off-shoulder element. Also, the straight lines of wrapped folds in the middle were more emphasized once they were contrasting those hoops hanging low. And the  pearls of the earrings were an absolute cherry on top - bringing the capital C to Classiness. 



Now, I'm not saying you would need exact same earrings. This was just a case of how I managed to bring the best out of this fairly simple dress. The point is to find a statement piece of jewellery whether they are statement earrings or a necklace that will be a game changer for you! Maybe something you already own, as it happened in my case. And this is how I end my Day 4 which turned out to be a success story (from may to yay!)


Until tomorrow

Stay chic

Dina x


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